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Get in touch with Amsterdam Circle Line


+31 (0)20 237 43 22

Main Ticket Shop &
Canal Cruise Lunchcafé Dialoog

Prinsengracht 261A, 1016 GV, Amsterdam


Boarding Location Jordaan Canal Cruise

Anne Frank Huis Prinsengracht 263 1016 GV Amsterdam


Boarding Location Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Centraal Station, 1012 AB Amsterdam

Bus Parking Options

Touring Bus Parking
Hobbemakade 60
1071 XL Amsterdam

Car Parking Options

Parking garage City Hall – Music Theatre
Waterlooplein 28, 1011 PG Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Circle Line is part of Smidtje Luxury Cruises. Founded by Tomas de Smidt, in our story you can read more about our history. The headquarters of Smidtje Luxury Cruises is located in the South of Amsterdam at the Ruysdaelkade. At the HQ also our harbour located for all ships cruising in Amsterdam. 

Just like all our captains who are cruising, we have a floating working place at our houseboat named the ‘’Flowerboat’’. Named after its history as a floating flower store.

If you have a question about our Amsterdam Canal Cruise or a possible collaboration, you are more than welcome at the Flowerboat.

Ruysdaelkade 174

1072 AT Amsterdam

Please note that we do not sell tickets at the office. You can purchase your tickets online or directly on the boat.