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Amsterdam Canal Cruise Jordaan & Amsterdam Islands

Quick Details

  • For anyone who really wants to get to know Amsterdam
Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 4-12
Infants Ages 0-3
Family ticket 2 adults, 2 children

Discover the Skinny Bridge of Amsterdam’s islands, look out over the IJ River & see Amsterdam’s famous highlights.

Start your Amsterdam Canal Cruise Jordaan & Amsterdam Islands at the most famous canal in Amsterdam, the Prinsengracht, near the famous Anne Frank House. 

Cruise 75 minutes through the unique Unesco Heritage listed Golden Age canals of Amsterdam. We will cruise into the most charming and atmospheric neighborhood, the Jordaan. Here you can directly taste the Amsterdam culture and go back in time. 

Instructive and humorous stories in 6 languages!

Onboard we have collected some of the best stories about the city for you. These stories are not just information you can get from any history book because honestly, no one likes a boring story. That’s why we took our time and picked out only the best and most exciting ones for you. We promise that after our cruise you will have something unique to tell at home and feel like a true local with stories that not many people know of.

The Golden Reael

Directly situated west of the Jordaan, Amsterdam has three artificial islands. Between 1610 and 1615 these islands were built as an extension of the harbor. These islands contain warehouses and shipyards that have been there since the Golden Age, they are also referred to as ‘The Golden Reael’. To this day, they greatly contribute to the character and history of the islands. Truly undiscovered, you will get to discover and explore some of the most hidden and beautiful spots the islands have to offer.

Famous Dutch singer Harry Slinger

Discover the city’s hidden gems on board and get to know the people through personal stories told by famous Dutch singer Harry Slinger. We believe that every guest should get a glimpse of the real Amsterdam which in our opinion can only be obtained by getting to know the city through the stories of locals. Harry Slinger was not only born and bred in Amsterdam but also breathes and represents the norms and values of the city unlike any other.

As we say nothing ”should” in Amsterdam but our Amsterdam canal cruise you really shouldn’t miss!