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Our story - Since 2001

Amsterdam Circle Line is the tourism sister of Smidtje Luxury Cruises. Better known under the claim ”The place of Amsterdam’s Hospitality”, it focuses on organizing corporate and private boat events. 

How it all started

Smidtje Luxury Cruises was founded in Amsterdam in 2001 by Tomas de Smidt. From an early age, Tomas had a thing for water and sailing. His father and grandfather often took him sailing in the North Sea and when his uncle Ben Bosboom founded the water taxi in Amsterdam, he became interested in large motorized boats. From cleaning pedal boats during his secondary school years to sailing the Amsterdam canals alongside his studies. The freedom of sailing and sociability was his fuel. 

Being able to arrange everything himself was his dream. In 2001, he decided to literally and figuratively carpentry on his dream from the houseboat of his mother at the Ruysdaelkade. Who had established a flower shop on this houseboat, known as ”the Flowerboat”. His brother Tijn carpentry a mini office on the outer deck of the houseboat. Meanwhile, Tomas bought his first boat, ‘t Smidtje, and Smidtje Luxury Cruises was born. During the day he manages the bookings, and he was the captain in the evening. The company quickly flourished.

History Amsterdam Circle Line

During the holidays Tomas noticed that his fleet sailed less, so he decided to set up a tourism sister of Smidtje Luxury Cruises and to focus more on tourist cruises during the holidays.  He called his new tourist canal cruise company the ”Amsterdam Circle Line”. He started offering half-open boats that departed from the Anne Frank House. This concept was immediately successful; guests could enjoy the city in both ways: indoors and outdoors. In the meantime, he had built two covered canal tour boats, which currently form the foundation of the Amsterdam Circle Line.

Amsterdam character

The Amsterdam character is an important element in both companies. Tomas is a born Amsterdammer himself, but over the years he has also gathered Amsterdam staff and clients. This is one of the reasons well-known singer and actor Harry Slinger also wanted to commit to our brand. He even exchanges his theatre for one of our boats once a month and makes theatre on the water for private groups. For the Amsterdam Circle Line, he has collected the best stories of Amsterdam. We believe that every guest should get a glimpse of the real Amsterdam. You can only achieve this with stories from native people of Amsterdam. Harry Slinger is not only born and bred in Amsterdam, but he also breathes the city and calls it his city.

Get to know us in person!

The name ”Flowerboat” is still used and now represents the headquarters of Smidtje Luxury Cruises. If you have a question about our canal cruise or a possible collaboration, you are always more than welcome: Ruysdaelkade 174, 1072 AT Amsterdam.